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Car Ashtray Portable Trash Can

Car Ashtray Portable Trash Can

SKU: 217537123517253

This Car Ashtray works great in your car or on top of an office desk to help keep your area clean from ashes or trash.


This item can be custom ordered, please review Custom Order Instructions.

Because each piece is handmade and sealed with crystallite, the processing time is about 1-2 weeks from start to finish to allow it to cure between coats fully.

Only 6 left in stock
  • Care Tips

    - Avoid contact with high temperatures
    - Wipe down ONLY
    - DO NOT immerse in water
    - NOT dishwasher safe
    - NOT microwave or oven safe

  • Custom Order Instructions

    You can Customize the Ashtray select:

    • Colors
    • Add your Name, Saying, or Picture


    Please leave all details and customization requests, such as colors, glitter, foils, pictures, etc., in the description box.

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