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The Kraft Dealer story....

 Lila is the founder of The Kraft Dealer, "Home Décor that starts conversations." The Kraft Dealer is a home décor business that offers acrylic paint poured coasters, pyrography hand-painted watercolor wooden boxes and wall pieces, knitted blankets, car charms, and creators that children love.

Lila can remember always finding ways to release her creative freedom by painting, building, drawing, or selling candy at school. When she was in grade school, she knew that she wanted to be a business owner and not be stuck in a box of a 9 to 5. However, in her senior year of high school, her love for art really grew. But out of fear of the cliché "starving artist," she decided to go to Esthetician School and become a Licensed Esthetician. But, after doing that for less than a year, she realized that it wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. So, she started doing nail designs while in college for business and thought she could combine her passion for art and be a business owner. She completed Nail Tech school, but she quickly realized nails weren't a big enough canvas to show her creative freedom.

During the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, the free time allowed her to expand her creativity, leading to The Kraft Dealer's birth. Her first collection was epoxy resin products, such as ashtrays, dominoes, and trays. The 2021 collection introduced a home décor aesthetic that connects her esthetics and nail tech experience to making attractive and visually appealing home décor pieces that start conversations.


The Kraft Dealer was in the cards for Lila. As long as Lila can remember, she's been creating art. As a free-spirit artist, she is allowed to create items that you don't see every day. The Kraft Dealer's goal is to make things that make you laugh, and bring joy to your heart. 


The Kraft Dealer can be found @thekraftdealer on all social media platforms.

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