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Hey, I am Lila,

I am a visual mixed media artist; I do a lot of photography, pyrography, woodworking, acrylic paint, watercolor, and graphic design. I enjoy creating and being an all-around creative person! As a fresh face in the art world, I am finding my creative voice again. I love color, but I can appreciate the natural grain of the wood and the fun that vibrating colors can bring to a piece. I prefer to avoid boxing myself in with one media type, so I dip and dabble a bit in it all, which you can see in my work. Some of my inspirations are the natural beauty of the world, my vivid imagination, and music!


There's something so powerful in starting with nothing and creating a fantastic piece of art that tells a story that can be interpreted differently. I want to inspire many artists to keep creating and sharing their art with the world just as I am!

Me creating
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